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Frequently asked questions

How do I arrange a care service with Exclusive Nursing Australia?

Simply phone or email Exclusive Nursing Australia to arrange a home visit to chat and discover how we can assist you. We will then do a short assessment to ensure all your needs are met.

Where are Exclusive Nursing Australia based?

We are currently based in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs.

How do I know if I need a support worker or a registered nurse?

After initial assessment Exclusive Nursing Australia will advise you if you require a registered nurse. If your needs are more complex you may require an RN. You can also contact us to discuss this further.

What type of people benefit from Exclusive Nursing Australia?

Everyone! Everyone can benefit from the services we offer.  As you can see on “Our Services” page we offer unique service to attend to your unique needs. If your needs are not mentioned please contact Exclusive Nursing Australia. There is no job we cannot assist you with.

What if I need to make changes with my care package?

Here at Exclusive Nursing Australia we know that needs can change from day to day. Just contact us to discuss the changes you want to make and we will assist you.

What if the support worker is not suitable for me?

We understand that everyone is different and have different personalities therefore it is imperative that you are happy with your service. We encourage good rapport and relationships between the support worker and the client. If you have an international background and you would like a support worker that speaks your native language or someone that understands your cultural background we will endeavour to provide this.

How do I pay for my care package?

We will send an invoice to you fortnightly and you can choose how you would like to pay. Please contact us to see if you are eligible for government support.

What if I need to speak to Exclusive Nursing Australia and the office is closed?

At Exclusive Nursing Australia while the office has its hours of operation our phone is always attended by a registered nurse. This is so that you the client can phone at any time with any concerns you may have in relation to your care service. It is also there for full 24 hour support for our team members if they need support at any time.