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Here at Exclusive Nursing Australia we know from first hand experience what makes the foundations of any nursing agency and that is that is the team members of an organisation. We know at ENA each individual is a professional in their own right and we want to make work and life balance as enjoyable and appreciated as possible. The reasons we feel as professionals you should chose ENA is for the following reasons.

We recognise the exceptional work done by rewarding great pay rates.

ENA provides full indemnity insurance for staff which for RNs is a requirement by APHRA.

At ENA we provide 24hr clinical advice and support to field staff i.e. a health professional to answer any queries or questions on any given shift.

We provide clinical support and training to all staff both online and in-house which will credit team members with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points which we regard highly here at ENA.

You can select your roster to suit your life and lifestyle.

Mandatory Superannuating paid into a financial institute of your choice.

Diverse working opportunities